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Lipstick simply boosts your confidence. Lipstick increases your beauty and fills you with confidence to stand strong. You can use any kind of lip colour you prefer (sharp, bold and dramatic colours, or more natural and subdued shades that can be translucent). You instantly will feel more beautiful after applying it.

we know beauty isn’t only skin deep. But a little confidence booster goes a long way to helping you fulfill your day-to-day tasks and, dare we say it, live your best life!

So when we discovered a study that showed how makeup can even make a woman smarter, we were straight to the beauty aisle. The ‘Lipstick Effect’ study, by Harvard Medical School, concluded that wearing makeup resulted in women achieving higher grades than those who wore no makeup.

In 2017, 86 female students were chosen to take part in a simulated university exam. Participants were randomly assigned to three groups: wearing make-up; listening to positive music; and face coloring. Results showed that the students who wore makeup received higher grades compared to those who did not.

The makeup-wearing students also outperformed students from the positive music group, as well as students who were engaged in a control activity.

Overall, it was concluded that wearing cosmetics had a positive effect on the women’s cognitive, making them feel a sense of overall enhancement in self-esteem, attitude, and personality.

Feeling good about yourself on the outside and the inside? That’s the ultimate self-esteem booster we can all like and share.

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