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Beneath it all

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”
— Marilyn Monroe

This is one of the most beautiful quotes ever uttered by Miss Monroe, and it’s especially touching because it comes from someone that spend much of their adult life as a star in the form of a celebrity. We all deserve to have our time to shine, and it’s a matter of taking the opportunities that are granted to us to show what we can do.

It speaks to the imbalance of attention given to only the best and brightest among us, even though we all have something to say, a talent to behold, and a spotlight that we deserve.

This quote sums up life in a very optimistic way, and even though Monroe had many challenges and plenty of reasons not to smile, it shows she was always looking for the beautiful things in the world, and choosing happiness over sadness.

Whenever you’re feeling blue you can remember this quote and look around for things to smile about. According to her there’s plenty to smile about, as long as you’re looking for them.

Look around you today for something to smile about. Tomorrow it might be something different, but there will always be many things available to put your attention on.

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